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Thank you Portland Teams & Audience for a fantastic 11th year of horror movies! 2019 was a weird year, indeed!

We'll see you for the 12th annual horror movie contest kick-off in October, 2020. Teams, stay tuned for updates also at:


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GF Podcast Series



Dacre Stoker is the great grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, who wrote Dracula. Listen to the podcast and hear about Dacre's latest book releases, "Dracula the Un-Dead" and "Dracul," written with JD Barker.

Visit the author's website:


Horror Hot Tub!


Dr. Eldritch, accompanied by Nurse Failing, invite guests who dip their tentacles into the horror genre. They stew in a hot tub, learning all the dirty details of their guests. Watch the interviews which break up the horror movie that Dr. Eldritch fancies.

Watch Episode #1: Adam Goldman

Adam is a film maker, musician, stop-motion animator in Portland, Oregon. Find out what scares him.

The Night Attacks Horror Series


The Night Attacks 

is a new horror series for
the post-truth era.

Vince and Cora, two film makers, set out to make a horror movie overseas. But what they find out is that some wars never end and they are caught in the middle of it.

Auditions are done and Episode Zero filming is in-progress. 

Stay tuned for movie progress & images.

SHOCK OPERA: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper Play, Nurse Rozetta, Shock Opera Play

"SHOCK OPERA: An Alice Cooper Story."

Thank you, audience and fans, for 3 years of live shows. We now go into movie production to continue this story!

Click on the button below and read our blog which includes meeting the  original members of the Alice Cooper Group.


Drunk Batman


I tell jokes. You laugh...or

Drunk Batman is a billionaire who falls off the wagon, troubled with trying to help the world. Follow the misadventures along with Kato, who gets pulled into ridiculous situations with him. Kato is the female cousin of Green Lantern's sidekick, also named Kato-- in which the duo had fought with Batman at one time, but female Kato has more fun with Drunk Batman.

A Lovecraft Mystery Series


Randolph Carter, Skiptracer: A Lovecraft Mystery Series

Agent Carter, a Skiptracer or paranormal bounty hunter to put it loosely, has nearly impossible assignments. Continuously jumping through portals in time and space, he himself doesn't know if the worlds he lands in are real or not. 

EPISODE 2: "The Stars Are Weird"

EPISODE 1: "Pickman's Muse"

Pitchforks & Torches Horror Blog


Follow us, Vincent and Cora, as we travel in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe- researching and filming for our horror movie, "Drac's Back." In our adventures, we cover movie history and iconic places that inspired Dracula.

Multimedia Performance Gallery


GuignolFest Productions has produced plays and live shows over the last decade, independently and in collaboration with other groups in the Portland area. See images from some of the most unique stories performed for fringe theater.

The Many Faces of Dylan & Julia


Dylan and  Julia love to collaborate with other creatives, in addition to making their own artwork. Click on the gallery to see images from past work for film, performance, and art. Their creative careers span from the early 1990s to present day.

GuignolFest in the News


Interviews with writer, Bennett Campbell Ferguson  for 2017 and 2018.

"Shock Opera: An Alice Cooper Story" In the News


Interview series with writer, David Nijawan  and the cast and creators of Shock Opera.

About Us


GF Productions: Founder & Producer

     Dylan Hillerman founded GF Productions in 2008 and is produced in partnership with Julia Reodica.

     Dylan has foundations in graphics, theater, and film-- having directed, written and performed in over 100 productions, live and recorded, for over 25 years. He has worked in all stages of operations for theater companies and promotional art. Currently he is directing, acting, filming and editing GuignolFest's horror series, "The Night Attacks." Collaborating with other performance groups, he is an actor for many unique spaces in Portland. He is also developing two feature films for production in 2020, in addition to expanding the Lovecraft short movie series. For more than  a decade, he has brought together hundreds of people for Portland's Original 72-HR Horror Movie Contest to highlight local film makers, from novice to expert.

     Julia has been an interdisciplinary artist since the early 1990's. She has performed, produced, and managed works in graphics, commercial media, live performance, and multi-media, along with talent and studio management. As an interdisciplinary artist, she was a pioneer in the field of biological art, using biopsies of her own body to create living sculptures that opened up new considerations of the artist as scientist, art industry ethical considerations, and new laboratory techniques for creative use. She produces, writes, directs, performs, and manages film and live performance projects, in addition to creating art with Dylan. In GuignolFest's horror series, "The Night Attacks," she acts, co-directs, produces, and co-edits the film. Life work also includes health and healing with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


GF Productions Presents:

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Horror & Entertainment Community

GF Productions strives to bring together a community of people and creatives with interests in the horror movie genre, local movie making, fringe theater, and novel art-making.