GuignolFest Podcast Series


We put people on the spot to tell us everything they know, their dark secrets,
and oh yeah, what they're working on.

Ep #1: Launching the Podcast


What Julia and I did after walking in the snow for 5 miles. We started
a podcast series!

Ep #2: Foul Is Fair Productions


Alex Marble, Phillip Walsh, Dustin Gluvna, Jordan Daniel, Spencer Lee, & John Marble are Foul Is Fair Productions. In this episode, find out what drives this group to make horror movies.

See their videos: https://vimeo.com/foulisfairproductions

Ep #3: GF's 9th Annual Updates & Groovy Songs


Updates for THE 9TH ANNUAL GUIGNOLFEST! Songs by 45 Grave, Antiworld, Lonnie Johnson, Round Robin, and Portland's Tarantula Ghoul
and The Grave Diggers!

Ep #4: Dacre Stoker & "Dracula: The Undead"


Author-lecturer DACRE STOKER ("Dracula: The Undead")sits down with Dylan and Julia for a spectacular spooky hour conversation about his famous great-uncle and author of the original "Dracula", Bram Stoker! We also cover Dacre's concept of "Responsible Vampire Tourism" in Transylvania and the U.K., modern technology and the Occult, vampires in the media, the writing process, and the future of horror! Sit back, relax, and let us sink our teeth into your eardrums!

Ep #5: Angus Viera


Angus Vieira is a good friend of GuignolFest and has performed in numerous plays with us and acted in competing teams for GuignolFest's 72-hr Horror Movie Contest. You can also catch him in independent films and music videos made in Portland.

Angus talks about his adventures as a nudist, a Merchant Marine, an exotic club regular, and an author. He also selects 5 songs for your enjoyment.

Angus's website: http://murderbyangus.com

Ep #5: John Neff



John has been busy playing and recording music since he was in high school the early 60's, worked with Stax Records in the 70's, built a studio with Walter Becker of Steely Dan in the 80's, recorded soundtracks and albums with David Lynch in the 90's, and soon he will be working with GuignolFest on "The Night Attacks" series.