The World's First Play About Alice Cooper!

History & Movie Development

The stage play run took place between 2016 - 2018, having been performed in the Pacific Northwest. Written & Directed by Dylan HIllerman. Produced by Julia Reodica. The couple are currently adapting the play into a movie  for 2019. The story is based on a myriad of sources.

Female Leads Portray the Band Members

Gender-bending the narrative, five female actors play the all-male band. The story takes on complex layers of character development and relationships between the band mates.

Meeting Alice Cooper!

Dylan & Julia finally met Alice Cooper in 2016 in Portland, Oregon after his show. Kyler Clark, Alice's Personal Assistant, had seen "Shock Opera: An Alice Cooper Play," the evening before-- and loved it! Alice said to Dylan and Julia, "Keep doing what you're doing!" The cast & crew now press forward to finish the fan-film.


SHOCK OPERA: An Alice Cooper Story

About the Band that Invented the Rock Show

Multi-Media Play & Movie Production In-Progress

A gender-flipped play with five female actors who play the male rockers of the original Alice Cooper Band. See how the story unfolds!

Director, Playwright, Screenplay: Dylan Hillerman
Producer: Julia Reodica   

A GuignolFest Production


Berlin Sorfa (Alice Cooper, Miss Sandra) 

Jeannette Trexler (Dennis Dunaway, Miss Christine) 

Una Solitaire (Glen Buxton, Miss Pamela) 

Bethany Ziskind Hankins (Michael Bruce, Sheryl Cooper, Miss Mercy, Demon Dancer) 

Evelyn Cushing (Neal Smith, Ms. Sloane, Miss Cynderella) 

West Ramsey (Shep Gordon, Ether “Mick” Furnier) 

Angus Vieira (Mr. Heckler, Groucho Marx, Ron the Roadie) 

Dylan Hillerman (Mirror-Alice, Bob Ezrin, Joe Greenberg) 

Julia Reodica (Nurse Rozetta) 

Jacci (2011 Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, Demon Dancer) 

Carrie Bounds (Ms. Heckler, Miss Lucy) 

Christie Quinn (Cindy Smith, Demon Dancer)  

Una Solitaire (Black Widow Dancer) 

Rocket (Dead Babies Dancer) 


Stage Manager: Carrie Bounds 

Stage Techs: Michele Davis & Tom Loven
Choreography: Una Solitaire & Berlin Sorfa
Script Editors: Julia Reodica & Berlin Sorfa  

Cameras & Editors: Chris Rhoads, Dylan Hillerman, Julia Reodica, AmbeRed Photography  

Stage Musicians: Dylan Hillerman (vocals; Percussion Effects), Julia Reodica (Vocals, Keyboards)  Studio Musicians: Jim Taylor (Lead Guitar), Wendy Jacobson (Lead Guitar), Jed Aaker (Bass Guitar), Ian Jackson (Drums), Josh Garcia (Guitar, Drums), Willy Greer (Drums), Julia Reodica (Vocals,Keyboards), Jennifer Wabich (Musical Score), Adam Lee (Jackpot Recording  & Halfling Studio Engineer)

Video extras: Evelynn Johnson, Arianna Johnson, Rod Bitton, Sheri Dietrich, Desirae Stewart, Mahlon Koopman, James Renslar Hill, Montetre, Bonnie Bland, Fifi+Rory+Isolde Bland, Miah Washburn.  

Special Thanks: The Alice Cooper Group, Alice Cooper, Kyler Carter, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, Chelsea Dunaway, Miss Pamela Des Barres, Miss Mercy Peters, Joe Greenberg, Max Greenberg, Ray Marrone & The Liquor Store, Andy Barrett & The Funhouse Lounge, Rod Bitton & Heather Feather of The Panic Room, Larry Crane & Jackpot Studios, Danny Bortfeld & Red Flag, Clinton Street Theater, AmbeRed Photography, Jessie Lindsay, Jedediah Aaker, Janice Buxton, Solid Rock Foundation (Phoenix, AZ), Artist Mentorship Program (Portland, OR)

Interviews with the Cast & Creators!

Interview series with David Nijawan from What's Up NW


David: "I had no idea that I would spend 26 hours interviewing 8 people over the course of three weeks to write this article. I had no expectations going into the show nor did I expect to want to write an article. I was just lookin’ for nuthin’ but a good time (pun intended). I walked out at intermission asking one of the cast mates to introduce me to the director to ask if he’d be willing to let me interview him.  One interview led to another and so forth, and baaaaam, I have an entirely new set of really talented people I know.  To be sure, not everything made it into this article, but the process spawned so many other forthcoming article ideas. I could write a separate article, literally, about each actor and her story and inspiration. This group of artists is easily one of the most diverse I’ve ever met, and I enjoyed every minute of the process."


Dylan & Julia Make Contact with Dennis & Cindy!

Birmingham, UK: The Original Alice Cooper Band Reunite

After the 2nd year run of "Shock Opera," we went to Europe for a working vacation. We hightailed it over the Birmingham, UK to go to Dennis' book signing at Swordfish Records on November 13, the night before the original Alice Cooper Group would play for the first time in 48 years. We made it to Dennis' website as well. Cindy, his wife, aka "The Blonde" and pioneer in glam rock was there. Cindy reminded us to keep the vision of how the band glittered throughout history. We will always remember the costumes, Cindy!

Keep Updated about Dennis:

Read more about the bands' history and stories you've never heard of before. 

Dennis Dunaway Facebook:


Dennis Dunaway Website:


Buy his book, "Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs!"


Director & Writer's Notes

By Dylan Hillerman

The first time I saw Alice Cooper was in the televised Halloween special, "Welcome to My Nightmare," in 1977. My grandmother allowed me to watch it because we were both Halloween freaks and Vincent Price fans. Price performed in it, too.

I asked my mother who this man named Alice was. I'd heard on the school playground that he cut a chicken's head off on stage, let it run around, and then drank its blood. How did this guy get on the Muppet Show? Mom says, "Oh Alice Cooper is a guy who has no talent, so he hides it with shock value." No talent? So how did he land that mysterious query that Muppets gig? I thought to myself. That was the beginning of the mysterious query that took me decades to unlock. I'd not heard the last of Alice.

The next time Alice entered my life was 1984. I moved around a lot as a kid, much like Alice did. I learned to make friends fast by telling jokes and ghost stories. A friend in 8th grade loaned a "Welcome to My Nightmare" cassette to me and I was hooked. 

I spent the next four years collecting all of their albums, except for the elusive first two the band recorded with Frank Zappa. They were legendary and nowhere to be found. 

In 1989, I personally wrote to Alice Cooper and asked him to re-release "Pretty's For You" and "Easy Action". The both came out the next month on CD. Coincidence?

In 2016, I wrote SHOCK OPERA, based on multiple sources. The first act is mainly inspired by Dennis Dunaway's book "Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs!" The same week we completed auditions, the original Alice Cooper band reunited for a new album and tour. Coincidense?

This play is many things. It's a mirroe, it's a hologram, it's a dark comedy, it's a play about the guys who invented the rock show!

There are too many themes and motifs to discuss before you watch and enjoy. So just do that. Watch and enjoy.

This play is in it's embryonic stage, and I expect it will grow wildly under these perfect conditions. We have a cast and crew of people I love and trust. All of them tremendously talented friends of mine. 

Special thanks to Julia Reodica, Carrie Bounds, Michele Davis, the Cast and Crew and Rocket for making the magic happen.



Meet the Musicians & Singers


It's a play about rock and roll, so we covered your favorite Alice Cooper songs in the show. The ladies who play Alice Cooper, the band-- along with Director, Dylan Hillerman and Producer, Julia Reodica-- hit the studio with the musicians to bring the hits to you.

Songs & Credits:
- "Welcome to My Nightmare"
Lead Guitar: Wendy Jacobson
Bass: Jed Aaker
Rhythm Guitar: Josh Garcia
Drums: Ian Jackson
Vocals: Dylan Hillerman

- "The Black Widow"
Lead Guitar: Wendy Jacobson
Bass: Jed Aaker
Rhythm Guitar: Josh Garcia
Drums: Ian Jackson
Vocals: Dylan Hillerman
Backup Vocals: Julia Reodica

- "Is It My Body?"
Lead Guitar: Wendy Jacobson
Bass: Jed Aaker
Rhythm Guitar: Josh Garcia
Drums: Ian Jackson
Vocals: Dylan Hillerman
Backup Vocals: Julia Reodica

- "Ballad of Dwight Fry"
Lead Guitar: Wendy Jacobson
Bass: Jed Aaker
Rhythm Guitar: Josh Garcia
Drums: Ian Jackson
Keyboards: Julia Reodica
Vocals: Dylan Hillerman
Backup Vocals: Julia Reodica

- "Billion Dollar Babies"
Lead Guitar: Jim Taylor
Bass: Jed Aaker
Drums: Willy Greer
Vocals: Dylan Hillerman, Julia Reodica, Berlin Sorfa, Jeannette Trexler, Una Solitaire, Bethany Ziskind Hankins, Evelyn Cushing

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