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Dr. Eldritch, accompanied by Nurse Failing, invite guests who dip their tentacles into the horror genre. They stew in a hot tub, learning all the dirty details of their guests. Watch the interviews which break up the horror movie that  Dr. Eldritch fancies.

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Hosted by Dr. Eldritch (Dylan Hillerman)

Produced by Nurse Failing (Julia Reodica)

Horror Hot Tub! COMING SOON!

Ep #1: Adam Goldman


Animator, film editor, writer, and musician-- Adam Goldman and Dr. Eldritch talk about what creeps him out.

Ep #2: West Ramsey


West is an actor who dies in everything! He's that guy!

Ep #3: Daniel Leatherdale


Find out what Daniel creates to bring gore to the the hungry eyes of a horror audience.

Ep #4: Coming Soon


Ep #5: Coming Soon