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GuignolFest's 72-Hr Horror Movie Contest Archive


“Party Basher” (Team Wolf)

“The Shoveling” (Team Watched Pot)

“Frauholle” (Team Bribe of Frankenstein)

“Devotion” (Team Mystery Van)

“Unforeseen” (Team Evil Petting Zoo)

“Donna The Dead” (Team Papa Harry)

“Pressure” (Team Fetus in Fetu)

“No, It’s OK”(Team Exploding Heads)

“Gouma” (Team Inspire One)

“Goblin Head” (Team Travesty)

“Mafia Exorcist” (Team Foul is Fair)

“The Good, The Ugly & The Bad Hand” (Team The Young Harvey Frankenstiens)

“Eyes of Our Lord” (Team Fiend)

GuignolFest Horror Sub-Genres Info

GuignolFest Actors on WHO’S THE ROSS? - October, 2017

The 9th Annual GuignolFest: Portland’s Original Horror Film Contest (Teaser part 1)


“Death Hike” (Team Travesty)

“Notes of Death” (Team Evil Petting Zoo)

“Free Chicken” (Team Peculiarium)

“Always and Forever ” (Team Fetus in Fetu)

“Christy” (Team No Guts No Glory)

“Holislay” (Team Wolf)

“Art of the Deal” (Team Mystery Machine)

“Fifteen” (Team Exploding Heads)

“The Dead Can Wait” (Team Watched Pot)

"Haust" (Team Foul Is Fair)

“The Haunting of Racism” (Team Title Wave)

“Cereal Killer” (Team Mystery Van

The 8th Annual GuignolFest Teaser #1

8th Annual GuignolFest 72-Hr Horror Movie Contest Announcement


“See the monster” (Team Wheelhouse)

“BROCCA- Extinction Level Event” (Team Peril Press)

“Slaughter In The Fog” (Team Watched Pot)

“Slaughter In The Fog” (Team Watched Pot)

“Vinyl” (Team Wolf)

“I Ain’t Got Time To Bleed” (Team Creep It Reel)

“The House Sitter” (Team The Dirty Dozen)

“Cum to the Dark Side” (Team Arcane Celluloid)

“Staying Alive” (Team Foul Is Fair)

“Memento Mori” (Team Wheelhouse)

“Psychodynamics” (Team Fetus in Fetu)

“The Bends” (Team Lovely Numb)

“They Came From the Gravestone” (Team 7th Street Productions)

“Luna Strega” (Team Dreams of Electric Trump)

“The Sound of Murder-A Horror Musical” (Team Nightmare On Your Mom’s Street)

“Luna Strega” (Team Dreams of Electric Trump)

“Hallucinator” (Team Professor Bigfoot)

GuignolFest Screening & Awards Intro

Guignolfest Announcement


“Diabolarama” (Team Everyone Loves Maggie)

“The Maize” (Team Trionic Entertainment)

“House on the Highway” (Team Peril Press)

“Sing, Live, or Die” (Team Exploding Heads)

“Mourning Sickness” (Team Foul Is Fair)

“Spinners” (Team Samizdat)

“The Dead Will Wait” (Team Watched Pot)

“Tres Brujas” (Team Wolf)

GuignolFest Screening & Awards Intro

“Gravedigger” (GF Screening & Awards Intro)


“Looked After” (Team Watched Pot)

“Heartbeat” (Team Slightly Skewered)

“Daddy Issues” (Team Wolf)

“Blood Fury” (Team Wolf)

“Railroaded” (Team Trope)

“Dr. Lars” (Team Red Squadron)

“TRASCENDENZA (Transcendence)” ( Team Foul is Fair)

“Icky Fever” (GuignolFest Screening & Event Title Intro)


“Goldfish of Doom” (Team Peril Press)

“The Devil Lady” (Team Snap)

“Horrorgasm” (Team Watched Pot)

“Calling Card” (Team JNT)

“Mans Best Friend” (Team Slightly Skewered)

“This Could Have Been Easier” (Team iWhore)

“Maneater” (Team Gingerlings)

“It’s Spreading” (A GuignolFest Productions Short)


“Anecdotes from the Tomb” (Team Everybody Loves Maggie)

“Adverse Reaction” (Team Giorgio Moroder She Wrote)

“The Last Thursday” (Team Sick Wizard)


“Tea Time With Ed Gein” (Team Sick Wizard)

“Star Demon” (Team Gennesteve)


“Jamie’s World” (Team Bong Scott)

“Jimmy 74” (Team Sick Wizard)

“Unclean Spirit” (Team My Nice Monster)

666 Horror Movie Contest Archive

Before GuignolFest, there was 666! These are the shorts that survived the dark times.